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Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify`s only investment in the business music world) want to raise the awareness the worlds biggest research study on the impact of music on sales in a commercial environment. The study used our streaming technology and brand fitting music across 16 restaurants, over 5 months, and 2 million sales transactions were tracked. In short, it proved how our model of creating brand fit music drove sales by 9% vs trending chart music.

Read the full report summary here:

Here is also a great summary by Quartz:

Putting music on and assuming that this is immediately an improvement on silence, is not the reality at all. We want to explain to businesses how we can help them leverage brand fitting music to grow their business and have control of music in the palm of their hand, just like in their personal lives.

We help in 2 ways:

Technology - The Soundtrack Business Platform is a music streaming platform, licensed for commercial and public spaces. No matter what business you`re in - we`ve got the perfect music for you, and allow you to control the music across all your locations in real time.

No longer must you have music on a shuffle, playing the wrong music at the wrong time of day, or run the risk of employees playing what they want to hear, or have different music played in different locations, giving an inconsistent music experience to the customers, generated across many different music platforms. Our platform gives you real time central control, as well as empowering the staff on the ground with choice if you wish.

Service - We partner with you to help create a Soundtrack completely consistent with the personality values of your brand, driven by Spotify data and the insights this gives us around certain demographics listening preferences, and proven to drive sales through 2 independent research studies.

Come to our stand (4114) or listen to our 30 minute presentation at Restaurant Tech Live if you would like to learn more.

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