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Every campaign is driven through our smartphone app created for influencers. With access to thousands of influencers at the press of a button, Socialight can create agency standard influencer marketing campaigns, featuring exceptional quality content creators who can tell powerful stories about your brand to thousands of like-minded people.

We work with you to learn about the narrative behind your brand, which is then placed in the hands of our influencers who share it with their followers, making every campaign and promotion unique & about you. Every campaign we put together, you remain in complete control over which influencers represent your brand, while we direct them based on your requirements. We`re here to work with you, not take over.

Our process is built to ensure quality, efficiency and clarity for everyone involved. Working exclusively within the hospitality & leisure sector, we know where all the pitfalls are, and help you and the influencer navigate round each one.

Once we`ve gotten to know a bit about you, your brand and the objective of the campaign, Socialight launch your campaign via our app, social media & newsletter to drum up eager influencers who would like to work with you on your campaign.

Based on your requirements, Socialight create a shortlist of influencers who are the perfect fit for your campaign. We can share with you insights on all the important stuff such as their following size & content, along with their followers demographics, interests and clarity over how many real / fake followers they have. At this stage you can pick which influencers you`d like to work with on your campaign.

Socialight co-ordinate your selected influencers based on when you can accommodate them, while gracefully declining the influencers not fit for the campaign. Socialight also manage each influencer before, during and after the collaboration to make sure there are no nasty surprises along the way.

Every piece of content created by the influencer is also licensed to you, meaning it is a powerful way of creating a library of content made by real people for your own social media marketing.

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