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Made by Many

Made by Many is a digital innovation consultancy that invents, creates, makes, launches and operates breakthrough digital experiences, products and services for corporates. Made by Many also helps them hire, train and built their own teams and the capabilities required to manage them.

As well as helping them to innovate new digital experiences and products, we also help businesses to become digital faster, focus on the right opportunity and champion a new mindset. We call this 'Change by making'. Making drives a bias for action and it is both a catalyst and vehicle for big change. We believe that only making can lead to proof, and it is proof that leads to change.

Our product-driven approach gets straight to the point: making models and ideas tangible and testable very rapidly by putting them in real people`s hands.

• Unparalleled track record: we`ve delivered 190 projects for 90 organisations in 12 years, and launching 80 successful digital products
• Change by Making: our uniquely co-creative approach to product innovation involves clients in `learning by doing` emphasises and accelerates capability-building and transformation
• Deep experience and expertise: Made by Many was one of the first digital product design companies anywhere in the world. We`ve assembled an incredibly talented team of software engineers and technologists, experience designers, business strategists, product managers, data scientists, hackers, film-makers and writers, coaches and teachers

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