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Consistently delivering a great guest experience is a daily challenge for the hospitality industry. That's where HGEM come in.

As leading experts in Guest Experience Management, we can help you take charge of your guest experience. We'll help you to define your intended guest experience (the brand promise) using our unique GEM Wheel framework for every part of the guest journey.

Then we'll measure what actually happens through guest surveys, operational assessments and social reviews in order to measure the gap between the intended and actual experience.

And finally we deliver all your guest experience insight from multiple sources in one central hub and help you interpret the results and take actions to close the gap.

We are proud to be associated with lots of amazing hospitality businesses. But we understand that one size does not fit all. So whether you run a casual dining business, are responsible for running a large corporate event, a pub or a boutique hotel we tailor what we do to best fit our clients needs.

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