Sponsorships at Going Global

Sponsorship at Bar Tech Live

Sponsoring at Bar Tech Live is a brilliant way to market your brand to thousands of the country’s most innovative businesses looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations. We can provide you with an extensive and diverse variety of sponsorship ideas that will showcase your branding to some of the industry’s leading figureheads.

For details about sponsoring please contact Tom Proudley, Event Director, on 0117 929 6085
or email tom.proudley@prysmgroup.co.uk

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Sponsorships at Going Global

Show sponsorship:

Show sponsorship offers a unique chance to establish a brand association and strong relationships with some of the biggest companies your sector has to offer . Advertising your brand directly alongside the show’s logo is an unmissable opportunity. Imagine this, wherever the show’s logo features, your logo could be there too. When people think of the show, they will remember your logo and your company. A simple but an effective idea that you shouldn’t let pass you by.

Sponsorships at Going Global

Keynote Theatre Sponsorship:

The keynote theatre is the centre piece of the entire event and the speakers in this hall are promoted far and wide as one of the key marketing tools for the show. Sponsorship of the keynote hall offers you the chance to feature your logo in front of a keen audience of key decision makers and influencers from across the country. Your logo, and your logo alone will be the backdrop to a potentially unforgettable keynote speaker’s presentation. Visitors will remember the speech and in return will remember your logo.

Sponsorships at Going Global

Theatre sponsorship:

These theatres offer you vast and extensive coverage of your logo. A seminar theatre could have your branding covered all over the entrance as well as on the main speakers podium. No matter where a visitor is within the theatre, they will be able to see your logo. Your logo could be in view of every visitor from the moment they enter to when they exit.

Sponsorships at Going Global

Networking Area Sponsorship:

Provide visitors with a serious talking point by getting your logo to be the main attraction within the networking area. When people come here to network and talk future business ventures, they may see your branding and discuss your logo at length. This could even lead on to leading business owner or decision maker wanting to work with you.

Sponsorships at Going Global

Show bags Sponsorship:

This is a cost effective way to dominate the show with your branding, you can make immediate impression on the visitors from the minute they arrive until long after they get home. No matter where people are within the hall, your logo will always be on display for everyone to see at all times. Your branding isn’t constrained within the hall,as visitors leave the event, they will carry your logo onto buses, trains and tubes. Imagine every visitor leaving the event on the tube or train flooding the city with the advertising of your branding?

Sponsorships at Going Global

Lanyards Sponsorship:

Everyone attending the show MUST have a lanyard with their ticket. So why would you miss the opportunity to put your logo on something that everyone will have hanging around their necks? All the attendees will be carrying around your logo around for the duration of the show and may even take your logo back home with them. It’s constant mobile advertisement happening right under people’s noses.

Sponsorships at Going Global

VIP Lounge Sponsorship:

Having your logo decorating the VIP lounge could attract some serious high flyers to your company. With guests usually being 5 star delegates, choosing to have your logo present within the lounge could get your company noticed by one of the country’s leading conglomerates. This type of sponsorship could help catapult a new or an established company into meteoric success