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Howitt Hospitality Consultants

At Howitt Hospitality we are the trusted partner to recognisable brands across the Hospitality industry.

We form long term partnerships with our clients to support their short term requirements and fulfil their long term growth aspirations.

We work with investors, business owners and management teams across the UK to validate, test and improve business strategies and operations, and to ensure sustainable and profitable growth.

We offer a wide range of services to develop your business irrespective of its size or maturity. We have worked with owners to develop concepts and then turn them into a reality. We have also successfully delivered turnaround projects, by embedding ourselves within underperforming businesses to return them to profitability.

Our extensive hospitality experience, active hands-on approach plus access to a network of industry professionals allows us to quickly assess your requirements and deploy an expert solution, supported by a highly credible team.

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