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TaholaCloud for Hospitality is a pre-built SaaS based Analytics solution with dashboards 'designed by operators for operators', combining multiple data sources to deliver insight and ROI through intuitive and user friendly dashboards. It provides you with the ability to monitor and control your business on any device in any location, enabling you to track KPIs and drill down to transaction level detail, ensuring the information you need to do that, is at your fingertips and up to date any time of day or night.

By bringing in data from multiple sources, TaholaCloud ensures greater clarity through collaboration, making your lives as operators easier. Complex data integration can appear daunting, but our experience makes it easy. Any new data source can be added as and when it is required, through a seamless process with minimal impact on the business. TaholaCloud is so intuitive and really is easy to use. In no time at all it will become an integral part of your daily routine and decision making just would'nt be the same without it.

TaholaCloud gives everyone in your organisation the power to make discoveries in your data - delivering instant value, growth and profitability, that will launch your business intro the future, TODAY.

One small step for you, one giant leap for your business........

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