Ilkka Seppänen

Siru Mobile

Ilkka Seppänen is the Head of Customer Operations at Siru Mobile, a mobile payments company from Finland providing easy-to-implement solutions for attaining business growth. Ilkka has more than 15 years of experience within the business development and sales field. For the past 6 years his focus has been entirely placed on the mobile technology innovations and their impact on the way customers choose and pay for goods and services. Ilkka has helped many businesses in Scandinavia increase their sales up to 3 times by implementing mobile payment solutions.

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The mobile challenge before the restaurant industry: How can businesses capitalize on the mobile trend?

The consumer of today, and even more so, tomorrow, expects the best experience that companies can deliver. There is a growing need for an intuitive and frictionless user interface, as well as rapidness of service, to deliver on evolving customer needs, both enhancing and increasing customer interactions and building relationships. In the world of tomorrow, mobile payments are expected to become the preferred payment method providing much faster service and greater customer satisfaction. Is the restaurant industry ready to embrace the mobile payment trend and capitalize on its potential for business growth?