Fayez Nadem

Global Source Group

Fayez Nadem, lawyer turned businessman is the Managing Director of Global Source Group which is set to contribute and add value and technology innovation to the Hospitality Industry by introducing SmartServe. SmartServe is successfully operating both national and international.
Through the use of SmartServe App, Smart Wearable Multi Purpose Supreme Technology, and Smart Pads, a business can focus on giving their customers a first class customer service experience all the time, everytime. In addition, it allow members of staff to function at their best by boosting their productivity, give freedom to the kitchen without wasting valuable time whilst allowing the management team to receive live monitoring and statistical reports and updates regarding the performance of their service. SmartServe’s objective is to connect everyone through our supreme communication technology.
Global Source Group’s team of specialists tailor SmartServe to each and individual business so that SmartServe is uniquely designed for them.

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