Doug Pittman

Founder/CEO - BoardActive

Kindness rarely costs us anything, but its worth is immeasurable.” I’m a technologist, inventor, investor, Founder, futurist and backcountry-hiking enthusiast (on the trails other BackCountry Hikers call me “Peak Seeker”). I’m passionate about using my knowledge and life experiences to help both organizations and people be the very best they can be. Experience has been my best educator.

For more about my Software company, BoardActive, and my International Patent Pending Software Solution & VisualMatic™ conception which is resolving HUGE Ad Market, Brand / Advertiser, and Consumer pain points by connecting all three, go to our website and see what our BoardActive Visualmatic™ platform is all about. Our BrandDrop™ Technology and Location Based marketing Software solution is helping solve Brand / Advertiser and Consumer connectivity results with mobile and digital focus. If we are a fit, I look forward to our connecting!

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Visualmatic & the Future of Personalization

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