How to Get the Most out of the 5 Most Popular Food Delivery Apps


Food delivery apps have come a long way. They are no longer just for ordering a quick burger or pizzas on game night. Full-catered meals and a vast array of cuisines are now available. They offer the convenience of ordering whatever you desire. 


According to Asda Mobile, the takeaway market has increased by 73% over the past 10 years. And it doesn't show signs of stopping. The market is worth £4.2 billion and is expected to grow by 17% in the next two years.


This continued growth also sees many platforms expanding to include other food needs, such as grocery and snack delivery. Amid this record industry expansion, it can be challenging for restaurants to keep up with the number of platforms and work across them effectively. But technology is here to help! With an online-ordering-management solution, like Deliverect, and this list of the 5 most popular food delivery apps, you're ready to take on the food delivery world!


Just Eat: Leading food delivery app

Just Eat is a leading online food ordering company in the UK, operating in 20+ countries globally, with 60 million active users worldwide. The company is known for its hybrid model, focusing mainly on restaurants with their own delivery fleet. However, if your restaurant doesn't manage its own deliveries, Just Eat can offer logistics.


Deliveroo: Pioneer in food delivery

Pioneer of platform-to-consumer in the UK, Deliveroo has 6 million users and is available in 12 markets. Customers can easily order from their favourite restaurants and track their orders in real-time. The Deliveroo website allows them to select food categories and filter their preferences, for example, Healthy, Breakfast or Dessert.


Uber Eats: Reaching new customers

With 66 million users and 600,000 restaurants in 6,000 cities, Uber Eats is easily the most widely known food delivery platform. The app is a natural expansion of Uber's ride-sharing app, offering users a global reach of options. Those on the move can easily schedule their delivery or pickup through the app and have the freedom to customise their tip amount.


Zomato: Discovering new restaurants

Zomato is a delivery app that helps meet the various needs of customers, restaurants and delivery partners by connecting them. Restaurants can benefit from industry-specific marketing tools and reliable last-mile delivery services. At the same time, customers can discover new restaurants, book a table, read and write reviews, and order food.


Ritual: Getting ownership

Ritual is a food delivery app used by 15,000 users globally. The delivery app helps restaurants accept online orders directly via email, their own device, website or social media. Customers can easily find restaurants through the app or a Google search and place their orders.

How can a restaurant manage so many apps?


The food delivery app market has plenty of options for getting food quickly and efficiently. Still, no kitchen wants to juggle the logistics of taking orders from every app.


Fortunately, there are ways to ease the order management in your restaurant. Once you've selected delivery apps to work with, you can seamlessly integrate them into your existing POS system with the help of restaurant management software like Deliverect. It helps you track orders easily, monitor statuses through a pickup screen, streamline your processes, protect your customer data, and more.


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