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Power-up your management team.
Tenzo is a restaurant analytics and sales forecasting platform for extraordinary restaurant management teams. It integrates with every system to bring all your restaurant data together in one app, on mobile and desktop.

Automated A.I. forecasting
Predict the future with the power of machine learning: always order the right amount, eliminate food waste, and never be overstaffed or understaffed again.

Understand your business
Tenzo gives you total visibility over all aspects of your business. Make faster, smarter decisions. Analyse sales, labour, employee performance, and your inventory to identify opportunities for growth, and ways to cut waste.

All your data in one place
Tenzo integrates with all major POS, staff scheduling, inventory and reviews platforms, allowing you to improve communication, save time, and make fewer mistakes

Cutting-edge analytics
Our next-generation, lightning-fast platform allows you to see all the insights you need when you need them. Get AI alerts and reports straight to your phone or email.

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