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EP Marketing and Direct Solutions

We`ve dipped our toe into nearly every industry there is, so no matter how niche the market or how big the challenge, we`ll tackle it head on.

From traditional print to modern media, if it will work for your business, we will do it.

The world of marketing is changing. In fact, it`s always changing, which is what keeps it interesting for us but maybe a little tricky for you. You`ll often find marketing agencies suggesting a one size fits all approach, but we know that this doesn`t work. Your marketing activities need to be tailored to your specific business needs and goals, and that`s what we do best. We`re not a huge agency so you won`t be lost in the crowd, and we can dedicate direct, personal time to your account, working through the hiccups and the highs to achieve the results you really want, not the results you`re told to expect.

Direct Solutions is simple - generating more leads and sales for our clients through effective communication. It`s what we do every day and we work on providing unbeatable service with proven results that make every penny of your marketing budget count.

We may utilise your database to enable you to communicate with your existing clients and contacts more efficiently, we may advise on and produce brilliantly crafted marketing materials in various formats, we may suggest a targeted direct mail campaign.

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